Supermodel’s Secret Gift Set

Treat your loved ones with the exclusive Supermodel’s Secret Matcha Gift Set. The Gift Set consists of finest KISSA Tea Supermodel’s Secret Matcha, an original Chasen (bamboo whisk) and a traditional Chashaku (bamboo spoon) and it is wrapped in a high-quality packaging that will guarantee pure Matcha pleasure.

KISSA Bamboo Whisk: A must-have for stunning Matcha creations! In lovingly handicraft, 80 fine Baby Bamboo Bristles are processed into our KISSA Bamboo Whisk. Because with delicate foam on your lips, KISSA Matcha tastes even more delicious.

KISSA Bamboo Spoon: Our original Matcha Bamboo Spoon (Chashaku) assures you to successfully dose the powder for your homemade Matcha! The delicate spoon gets its shape in the production process, when being bent over steam and is your great little helper to correctly dose our Matcha and fine Tea Powder. 2 spoonful are enough to create a perfectly dosed, delicious KISSA Matcha.

KISSA Supermodel’s Secret Matcha Tea 30 g: If you want to enjoy the beautifying benefits of organic Matcha tea, you’ll love KISSA Matcha SUPERMODEL’S SECRET. Our beauty revelation tastes sweet and fruity and is guaranteed to seduce you with just one sip. Supermodel’s Secret is mild, sweet, floral tasting and a true finest Matcha delight. Full of antioxidants, it makes you beautiful, inside out and helps you maintain your gorgeous looks. For supermodels and the girl next door.

So don’t forget to: Give your loved one a KISSA!


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